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2583 Cadboro Bay Rd
Victoria, BC  V8R 5H9

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about bistro28

Bistro28 is a west coast inspired small plates restaurant. Our main focus is simplicity. Our mantra is “Quality Ingredients, Simple Preparations and Elegant Presentations.” From our restaurant design to the menu, everything was designed to be simple yet effective. The interior of our restaurant was designed as a canvas to show some magnificent pieces of art.

Laura Harris created four beautiful paintings, in the style of our logo, titled “Elements.” The paintings represent the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire & Water) and also the four seasons, which our menu also reflects. Laura’s work can be viewed at The Avenue Gallery ( or at her personal website

Rob Gentleman of Green Earth Woodworks ( created our stunning tables and bar top from recycled Douglas Fir flooring from the original Hudson Bay building. Rob specializes in custom made reclaimed wood furniture.

Tim McPherson created a perfect numberless linear algebra equation which adorns the wall near the bathrooms. Please don’t ask us to explain it, but apparently you can put any number into any variable of the equation and it will always equal 28.

Lisa Riehl painted the pictures of my adorable little girl Lola in the first bathroom. Lisa specializes in pet “pop-art.” You can view her work at

Don Webb took the spectacular photographs hanging in the second bathroom. Don specializes in photographs of vintage neon signs. You can reach Don at (250) 537-1276

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